Fair Employment and Fair Pay

In Wales, figures show that in March 2016 one in 30 employees were on a zero hour contract, one of the highest proportions in the UK

Every employee on these contracts have no job security and are often paid less than those on stable, permanent, contracts. That's one in 30 people who are staring at their wallet not knowing when their next pay cheque will come in or what they will have to live on.

People on zero hour contracts are not guaranteed a minimum number of work hours but must be available for work. such contracts are widely used by retailers, restaurants , leisure companies, hotels, and especially in the care sector, but recently there has been an increase in public sector employers, such as councils and the health service, taking advantage of their workforce by implementing these contracts.

Whist some employers may think they're saving costs by employing young workers on poor conditions, these contracts undoubtedly low morale, a high turn over in staff, and can even damage an employer's reputation. Offering fair employment to young workers has benefits for employers:- fair working conditions and pay is rewarded with increased productivity and loyalty.