Young workers are being disproportionately hit by he UK Government's unnecessary austerity policies. Young people's deteriorating prospects are due to a toxic combination of increased university tuition fees, unemployment, poorer job opportunities, lower pay and rapid house price inflation.

Pay The Real Living Wage*, Regardless of Age!

All workers, irrespective of age, deserve to be paid at least the foundation living wage. It has been proven that this pay is the minimum pay rate required to allow workers a decent living standard.

Our charter has five key demands that would transform the quality of life of Welsh young people: a real living wage regardless of age – £8.45 an hour for all; quality apprenticeships which are used to offer decent training and work and are not just a way for employers to avoid paying the correct wage for the job.

- Mark Turner

Regional Young Members Officer, Unison Wales

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With a guarantee if a minimum of 12 months employment appropriate to the field of study and qualification gained. Quality training and quality work, not just a way of avoiding paying the correct wage for the job!

Equality in the Workplace

Zero tolerance of discrimination, with robust quality policies and training for all staff. Employers to have strategies to minimise 'gender segregation'

Our 5 demands:

Development Opportunities

Invest in your staff of tomorrow and give training and development opportunities for young workers and retain career pathways.

No zero hour or low hour contracts. No ongoing short term or temporary contracts and trade union recognition.